It can often be the forgotten room in your home because no one else sees it — but it should be the exact opposite, because it’s the one space where you get to recharge. These easy, inexpensive ideas should be a good start.

enhanced-buzz-31232-1375197445-52Line your bookshelves with washi tape. Washi tape (colored paper tape) is your new best friend when it comes to dorm decorating. Like painter’s tape, it removes without residue, meaning it’s perfect for temporarily decorating lackluster dorm furniture.

Also you can use washi tape to make your poster collection look more cohesive. enhanced-buzz-22170-1375208448-12Simply tape around each poster you hang. Or use washi tape to add a diamond pattern to your door.

54ff275e53d7a-bedroom-decorating-8-xlWhy commit to one piece of art? For a one-of-a-king look, group several paintings, photographs and prints of various sizes together. Span your collection floor-to-ceiling to give the space a lofty, art gallery feel.

Turn a metal wastebasket into a nightstand. enhanced-buzz-5675-1375207386-38If you’re not allowed to bring in extra furniture, spray paint an inexpensive wastebasket in the color of your choice, flip it upside down, and use as a bedside table.

Yes, a nightstand with all the necessities looks lovely, but that’s not the only reason you see it so 54c1749d647ad_-_lisa-gutow-design-interiors-eclectic-bedroom-xlnoften in magazine spreads and on blogs. The combination of a carafe of water, a great book, a plant or flower, and lamp is essentially a kit for pre-, post-, and interrupted-sleep comfort. So as you’re putting your own “kit” together, don’t feel like it has to be stunning to be perfect. The more idiosyncratic and “you” it feels, the better it will work and the more it wlll be a testament to your personal style.

If you have a mini fridge, use empty tea cans to store spare pencils. enhanced-buzz-4674-1375214035-42Simply place a small magnet on the inside of the back of the tin.

Make a decorative jewelry holder out of a branch.
To make it slightly more permanent, use ribbon or string instead of a leaf and knot closely to the branch.bez-nazvu

0207-side-lamp_300Mount a Light Source. A wall lamp eliminates any need to juggle items on the nightstand. Equip it with a multi-watt bulb to fine-tune the light for reading or relaxing.

Customize your pushpins. You can basically glue anythingenhanced-buzz-22279-1375370020-4 to regular pushpins to create the bulletin board of your dreams!